What Brides Are Saying

"When I first discovered the Unity Cross, I loved what it symbolized and knew when I met the man I'd marry that it would be apart of our wedding day. Four years later God sent me that man, and we made the vow to keep Him the center of our marriage. Thank you for this beautiful reminder of our covenant with God and each other!"

"One of my favorite pieces from the wedding is hands down the Unity Cross and being able to display such a sentimental piece in our home to always be reminded of such a special day."

"The Unity Ceremony is a special and intimate part of a wedding. It symbolizes the bride and groom becoming ONE. Some couples choose to pour sand, while others elect to light candles. We chose the Unity Cross!"

 "So happy we found the unity cross for our wedding! We can't wait to display it in our home so we have a constant reminder to keep God at the center of our relationship and that we can always lean on our faith."

 "We absolutely loved having the Unity Cross as part of our ceremony! Thank you so much for creating something so meaningful and beautiful!"

"We used a unity cross at our wedding, and we just wanted to let you know that we loved it! It was perfect and our guests loved it as well."

 "We used the Unity Cross at our wedding to show our love coming together through our love for Jesus Christ."

 "We are in love with the Unity Cross. Thank you for the beautiful symbol it represents."