Our Story

One Single Moment.

Our lives are built on the unique and unforgettable moments that define us. 
From first steps to first kiss, the memories that we carry our whole lives shape the way we see our future. 
Of those moments, the wedding is one of the most profound expressions of love ever imagined. 
 The exchange of vows, the expression of commitment, the exchange of rings, and expression of Unity; 
These symbols combine to show that in Spirit, Mind, and Body, the Two have become One. 
 While the candles and sand only demonstrate that a couple is forever mingled together, the Unity Cross® digs deeper. 
Borrowing from one of the holiest icons in Western culture, the sculpture is made of two interconnecting crosses. 
The groom’s bold outer cross strengthens and frames his bride while the bride’s delicately carved inner cross brings fullness and beauty to her husband’s life. 
During the ceremony, the groom and bride join their crosses together, and secure them with three carved nails, representing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 
While Candles or Sand may melt away or be forgotten, the UnityCross becomes a beautiful, permanent reminder of the love and commitment in your marriage.
 With enough presence to anchor a fireplace mantle or curio cabinet display, the Unity Cross® is a beacon of the couple’s love for each other – and their future in Christ. 
 The Unity Cross® makes something new and unique from something ancient and symbolic. It offers something personal and something lasting. 
And for the Bride and Groom, that’s an experience you won't find anywhere else

Michael Letney is the creator of The Unity Cross and The Unity Heart.


The Wedding Experience has always been a large part of his creative vision. Beginning as a custom jewelry designer over 30 years ago, he hand-crafted the wedding rings of hundreds, if not thousands of brides and grooms. This is what inspired his vision to see the wedding experience redefined to emphasize the picture of Unity in marriage. Mike studied marketing at the University of Tulsa and currently holds multiple patents and trademarks in the product industry. He has created products for major retailers and ministries that have had global distribution. His passion is to share the Gospel through products in a tangible way; doing what others say is impossible by relying on God’s direction and grace. His greatest dream is to leave a legacy of hope for generations to come. He and his wife, Barbie, have two grown, married children and six grandchildren. They make their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma