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  1. Intercession Cross
Intercession Cross
Intercession Cross Sculpture

Intercession Cross

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Intercession Cross
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Intercession Cross Sculpture

     Intercession Romans 8:34 Intercession - Romans 8:34 This sculpture reminds us that we are inseparable from God's love. Life's troubles, hardships and persecutions cannot distance us from God's favor that is embodied in Christ. This design features an opaque spiral that weaves through the timbers of the floating cross just as our prayers ascend to God, who, as yet unseen, lives through our everlasting faith. The gold cross represents the authority and position of Christ. His presence demonstrates the promise... the Promise of Intercession. Christ, being seated at the right hand of our Father, hears our prayers and intercedes on our behalf.

     This sculpture arrives beautifully packaged and complete with information of the artist's inspiration. Sculpture measures 8 inches by 8 inches and 3 inches deep. Weight is approximately 6 lbs.

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