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  1. Salvation Cross
Salvation Cross
Salvation Cross Sculpture

Salvation Cross

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Salvation Cross
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Salvation Cross Sculpture

     Salvation Hebrews 9:19-22 This sculpture reminds us of the pain and suffering Christ endured for each and everyone of us. The white cross represents the Father's presence during the crucifixion. The gold cross represents the royalty bestowed upon Christ and the crown of thorns evidences the agony Christ experienced on our behalf. The translucent red side of the cross embodies the everlasting covenant and the sinless blood of Christ, which, when spilled, fulfilled His promise... the Promise of Salvation, the forgiveness of our sins and bestowing each of us with everlasting life.

     This sculpture arrives beautifully packaged and complete with information of the artist's inspiration. Sculpture measures 8 inches by 8 inches and 3 inches deep. Weight is approximately 6 lbs.

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