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  1. Reconciliation Cross
Reconciliation Cross
Reconciliation Cross Sculpture

Reconciliation Cross

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Reconciliation Cross
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Reconciliation Cross Sculpture

     Reconciliation Ephesians 2:13-16 This sculpture reminds us of our tendency to dwell on our differences and how we fight for our beliefs. Realizing the value of gold, the separated gold bars represent the two opposing sides of any argument and the difference of opinion between them. The bars are hammered to resemble our self-centered struggle of pride. We have the choice to forgive or not to forgive, and must acknowledge that the only forgiveness we can control, is our own. You can plead others for their forgiveness, but there is no promise you will receive it. Be comforted knowing that you will find true unconditional forgiveness from Christ. The two gold bars are connected by the cross which represents the truth of Christ's promise... the Promise of Reconciliation and the hope of restoring harmony, peace and unity through Him. As we come together, we are reconciled. 

     This sculpture arrives beautifully packaged and complete with information of the artist's inspiration. Sculpture measures 8 inches by 8 inches and 3 inches deep. Weight is approximately 6 lbs.

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